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Blocking Grabs

Learn how to defend yourself and learn self defense moves for grabs to your shirt, bag, or scarf

Grabs are common

There are, like, a trillion ways to defend yourself if someone grabs at you: grabs the front of your shit, grabs your coat, grabs at your bag, grabs your hijab from the front... anyways you get why there's so many variations! We'll show you three basic moves:

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Pushing on Pressure Points

Pushing on Pressure Points

Pull the person's hand off you by grasping for pressure points on the side and back of their hand. And then, pushing down on those pressure points, you can force their hand off. 

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Windmill or Swimming Technique

Windmill or Swimming Technique

Windmill your arm, as if you're swimming, and bring it down forcefully on their arm, which will separate their hand from your body. Swing from the outside in, or inside out. Speed and momentum are essential. 

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Advanced high-level move with multiple strikes!

Advanced high-level move with multiple strikes!

Did we mention that Maryam and Rana are both black belts? Here they demonstrate an advanced move: Lift your hand, bring your other hand up to grab, forming a fist, crash it down on their arm, and come in for some combination strikes to the side of their head and groin. Lots of ways to build variations here ;)